Different Types Of Movies And Their Genre

Genres in movies tell the public about the story told by the movies. They also characterize the movies based on their elements, such as if the movie is scary, it will go in the horror genre, and if it is funny, it will be classified as a comedy. Every movie has its classification based on these characteristics. This type of categorizing helps the people wanting to watch movies select their idle genre.

People can select and watch movies based on their genre type as if one likes science fiction movies; they can watch movies that include it. Following are given some of the genres in the movie industry. Moreover, people can watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์) at several different websites and that too for free.

  • Action Genre

As the name suggests, movies that include some types of fights, slow-motion scenes, or chasing scenes at high speed are classified as action movies. These movies can even feature supernatural abilities such as flying, superhuman strength, invisibility, and many more. Movies such as James bond movies or Mission Impossible are also classified in action.

  • Comedy

Movies in comedy are the most liked movies worldwide as they make people laugh and happy. People watching comedy genre movies can expect some hilarious moments or conversations to make them laugh. In several good comedy movies, people can also relate it to their life, which makes it even more fun to watch. For example- Dumb and Dumber, Murder mystery, etc.

  • Horror

Movies that include scenes that can scare people`s hearts can be counted as scary or horror movies. These movies awake the fear and dread in their heart. Movies such as conjuring series or Annabelle are among the most famous movies of this genre. Serial killers or ghosts can also be a part of these movies.

  • Fantasy

Films that have out of worldly things such as magic or mystique creatures such as flying horses or dragons are part of fantasy movies. Movies such as Avatar, Jumanji, etc., can be counted as fantasy movies. The movies in fantasy can give viewers the experience they have never felt before and show them a world they haven`t even thought could exist. People should watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์) rather than offline as it consumes less internet.

  • Adventure

Adventure movies are best for people that want to watch people traveling or going on journeys. These movies are generally combined with action movies and are known as action/ adventure movies.  People going to faraway lands to search for something or save someone are the most common plot of these movies. Movies such as Journey to the center of the Earth or Jungle cruise are action/ adventure movies.

  • Romantic movies

Movies with the romance genre are based on love stories between two people. People can even experience some fantasy elements in only a few of these movies. These movies generally revolve around love, sacrifice for loved ones, destruction, the relationship between the people. However, the movies also feature some stones in the way of love, such as family members not being willing to let them together or one suffering from a disease ultimately leading them to death or near death.

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