Essential Guide To Renting Water Jumpers

Slides and inflatable castles are the most sought-after and rented games for children and adults; one of the most sought-after are the water jumpers for rent. Still, there are some precautions you should take into account during its use and installation, here you will find some of them for you to take into account, and any unwanted experience will not tarnish the fun.


Ask the supplier if they have records of incidents or accidents in the past and what measures were taken to prevent them. For example, if you get water jumpers for rent, you should ask them to report any accidents, even those that seem “silly,” so that better instructions can be given. Be wary if they tell you they have never had any accidents. Accidents such as bumps, bruises, sprains, and even broken bones are expected in any boisterous or loud activity involving children.

Check that the supplier has a trained person who checks their inflatable equipment periodically. They should provide evidence of any reports if requested.


Follow the recommended guidelines for safe installation, including anchoring. Inflatable bounce houses should be installed away from areas, branches, etc. that may be dangerous to children if they fall on them or that may puncture the inflatable.

It is preferable to use grounded items. In the case of water jumpers for rent, it should be checked that they have a current differential switch.

The power of the motor must be balanced so as not to exceed or be too small. If the power is too low, the child will jump on a surface that is too soft and run the risk of being hit. Otherwise, the inflatable will be too rigid and could burst.

If installed at height or in areas with wind currents, it must have anchorage or ropes that allow it to be fixed to the ground; this will prevent the inflatable from rising with children inside.

In addition, the game must have lateral protections so that when jumping, children do not fall out of the structure or hit the supporting structures. Slides and slippery walkways, which often have a water + soap formula to make it easier for children to slide, should be created with hypoallergenic products not to cause allergies.


Once the inflatable is installed, make sure it is level, and make sure that no cable is under the structure or insight in the access area to the game.

To balance the height and weight of those who will use it, children should climb and jump barefoot. The use of accessories such as hats, bracelets, and necklaces is also restricted to prevent children from bumping, snagging, or falling.

Remove any sharp objects (pens, keys) from their pockets/hands before playing (they could easily cause puncture wounds). Also, do not bring food, drinks, bottles, or glass items into the bouncy house.

Do not let children of quite different sizes jump on the equipment at the same time. More minor children run the risk of injury by bumping into or falling underneath larger children.

Do not allow adults or children who exceed the weight or height for which the equipment was designed to jump on it.

Maintain supervision at all times. Leadership means constantly watching and not just being near the area.

Review the advice given by the supplier on how to operate the equipment. The equipment should include detailed instructions on weight and operating guidelines. If this information is not included, think twice.

Abraxas Kane
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