One Night In Vegas: Coolest Things to Do (Featuring Cirque du Soleil!)

If there is one thing that Las Vegas is known for, it is for taking up all of your time.

Las Vegas is a global destination for travelers looking to engage in casino entertainment, live performances, and some of the best food on the planet. Whether you have been to the city a thousand times or are visiting Las Vegas this weekend for the first time, you’ll want tips for the best things to do in Las Vegas during your trip.

Let’s break out the itinerary to outline a few of our must-see spots during our next trip to Las Vegas.

Enjoy the Best Live Entertainment

If you are spending even a night in Las Vegas, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you watch a live performance at one of the many upscale casinos and nightlife hotspots in the city. Cirque du Soleil has called Las Vegas it’s home since the early 90s, and they have a large selection of shows ongoing to steal your time and attention.

Cirque du Soleil is known as the Circus of the Sun, and the Canadian company is known as the world’s most prominent circus entertainment producer. Forget what you know about circuses, as the following shows will blow your mind.

If you’re in town for a show, give Cirque du Soleil. your time by checking out:

  • Mystere – Hosted at Treasure Island, Mystere is the longest-running Las Vegas show in the Cirque du Soleil repertoire. A fantastic adventure-filled performance fit for the entire family, Mystere blends laughter and big action sequences in equal measure.
  • ONE – This performance was presented in conjunction with the Michael Jackson estate to give fans a real chance to thrive with the King of Pop again. ONE seeks to blend iconic dance moves, memorable music, and a stadium-like atmosphere for a musical experience unlike any other.
  • KA – Blend high-flying adventure with wire work and stage combat in KA. This unique stageplay blends gigantic stage work with combat sequences that seem fit for a Hollywood motion picture. KA is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Get Out of the City For Some Natural Wonder

While Las Vegas and the Strip are significant contributors to tourist travel throughout the year, you won’t need any last-minute tickets Las Vegas has on sale to enjoy its natural wonder. Nestled comfortably within driving distance of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, travelers that want to get outdoors can do so with some significant spectacles to enjoy. We suggest taking time to experience the Emerald Cave and the kayaking tour that coincides with it, should you opt for time outside the city.

No matter what your plans are in Vegas today, make sure you angle for memories that will last a lifetime!

Abraxas Kane
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