Best Beginner Brands of Acoustic-Electric Violin

If you plan to start your journey on playing an acoustic-electric violin, the first thing you need to do is to have an instrument. Apparently, there is a wide range of acoustic-electric violins in the market you’ll come across today. Manufacturers have kept the competition very high, and as a result, people keep on getting quality and incredible equipment.

If you browse for instruments, especially acoustic-electric violins, you’ll see top brands that kept their spot on top. They earned it, and they made their names famous because of the superb equipment they offer. To help you get to your decision, here is the list of best beginner brands when it comes to acoustic-electric violins.

Beginner-friendly brands of acoustic-electric violins

Nothing beats quality, and you do not want to start your music journey on a low-performing instrument. You’ll only waste time and effort on settling with violins that are never meant for you. Take a look at our list of acoustic-electric violin brands that can help you start your journey.

1.    Yamaha

Yamaha, as a Japanese manufacturer, is known for its reliable and sturdy acoustic-electric violins. They have perfected the art of providing violins for different levels, especially beginners. This brand has a level of instruments called ‘Standard Line,’ which is meant for beginners and students. They always make sure to craft violins that are easy to handle and lightweight so that beginners will never have a hard time learning the instrument.

2.    Fiddlerman

Fiddlerman is famous for its best quality instruments ideal for all levels. Their violins are made of spruce and maple wood, hand-carved, and tested by the owner itself. Fiddlerman’s acoustic-electric violins also underwent 10 point inspection before it was released in the market. This is to ensure that everything was made perfect, especially for beginners. Although it doesn’t sound very affordable for beginners and students, quality comes with the price. Most of their products also offer lifetime adjustments and a warranty.

3.    Glasser

Glasser recently made a great carbon composite version of violins. Likewise, many people are saying that they also have the best acoustic-electric violins made for beginners because of their homogeneous material. They also offer their violins at a much more affordable price than other brands in the market, which is good news for beginners.

4.    Stagg

Stagg gained a reputable identity because of their quality violins, which come with affordable prices as well. They also offer entry-level violin sets, which come in complete accessories. This is an ideal choice for beginners out there who want to start learning immediately. Moreover, Stagg also lets you upgrade for a more high-quality version of your accessories if you are not happy with the one that comes in the kit.

5.    Mezzo-Forte

Mezzo-forte never fails to craft acoustic-electric violins that come with ease and comfort for all their users. If you’re a beginner and looking for a piece of comfortable equipment to start, you can try to look at this brand. Their instruments are perfectly made for easy shifting and left-handed users. Likewise, you can also choose from their beginner-friendly sets depending on your proposed budget.

How to choose the best beginner acoustic-electric violin

To get you going in the right direction, you can always talk to experts for consultation. Although you have chosen a brand, the model might be hard for you to decide. In this case, it would be better to gather recommendations first.

Now that you have the rundown of the ideal brands for beginners like you, you can start browsing for your best candidate among them. Do not forget to consider your needs, preferences, budget, and suggestions from your trusted sources. Good luck on your journey!

Abraxas Kane
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