Strip Clubs And sue-proof Business Models

Over the years, strip clubs have gained a poor reputation as some kind of men-only place where women are strictly objectified. In recent years, however, many clubbing locations have been converted into friendly, family-friendly places of business. Many of these clubs have changed name brands to “women only” to attract more customers. But is strip clubbing all that bad for women?

One argument that is commonly made against these clubs is that they are a bar and a strip club, so there are equal chances of getting sick or injured. While this may be true, the risks to women who work in such environments are significantly higher.

For example, one reason that women are more likely to get hurt at strip clubs in the environment. Women and men are meant to be working in different situations – but because of the environment they are forced into, they become vulnerable at strip clubs more often.

It’s not just the increased risk of injury, either; studies show that employees at such venues are subjected to unreasonable and harassing behavior from customers. Many people have been sued and even had their homes damaged by customers who have gone into the clubs without paying for their drinks.

Another common complaint against strip clubs is that they are an area in which women are sexually harassed. Though there are no statistics available, it seems more likely that men are attacked at strip clubs than that women are.

And while men may be targeted more often, this does not mean that all women who have been sexually harassed in a strip club were targeted because of gender. Some women may have been targeted because of their race or because of a different dress code at the club.

The main argument against strip clubs is that they are “men-only” establishments. This would make sense if women didn’t frequent strip clubs as much as men. But according to a Washington Post story, only 29% of females nationwide frequent strip clubs on an average basis.

That means that a large portion of the female population is perfectly happy to enjoy their time at a club at any time. Adding that to the fact that many of these women wouldn’t frequent a strip club if they didn’t feel safe, you can see why the benefits of having such an establishment are so incredible.

Adding to the benefits of having a place to go when you want to relax after work or a special dinner date, is something that would benefit anyone in the world.

Abraxas Kane
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