Facts about house edge- Important for blackjack players

The table games like blackjack can be the ultimate source of entertainment for casino players. However, while entertaining the gamblers, casinos do not overlook their profits. That is why the house edge is one of the significant factors for both casinos and players. Before playing the online blackjack NetBet, you need to know more about the house edge.

The house edge applies over several bets

For a small number of bets, the house edge may not be applicable.

Imagine you are enjoying blackjack with a house edge of about 1%. For £100, you can play only a single hand. In this case, the potential outcomes are

  • Lose£100.
  • Win£100.
  • Win£150.
  • Win nothing and lose nothing.

However, there is no way of losing £1 per hand until you have played a number of hands. On the contrary, by playing 100 hands, the net loss can be £500, while the loss per hand is£5.

The house edge for blackjack players is comparatively low

It is good news for blackjack players, as the house edge is lower than that of other casino games. While playing Casino War, you will find that the house edge is 2.88%. But, for blackjack, it is 0.5%. By placing a £100 bet, the average loss will be 50 cents. The major reason is that most players do notput much effort into getting the house edge low.

Calculation of the hourly loss

By identifying the house edge, you may calculate the hourly loss at the game. But, how will you calculate the average hourly loss as a blackjack player? Find the net amount you have lost or won. Then, you can divide the amount by the total number of hours you have played the game. For instance, when you play for more than 2 hours and lose around £200, the average hourly loss is£100.

Game conditions can make a difference in the house edge

You can find a slight difference in the blackjack game rules based on your chosen casino and gaming table. For instance, you are playing a game involving a single deck. However, another adjacent table uses 8 decks. Thus, there will be a different house due to these game conditions.

The dealer, hitting soft 17, also causes game rules and conditions variations.

The use of more decks can increase the house edge

Before dealing with any cards, the ratio of high to low cards has no difference. For instance, you are playing a single-deck blackjack, and you have received an ace as the first card.

The deck includes 51 cards, and 16 cards are available with a value of 10. Thus, there is a 31.37% probability of getting a blackjack. But, when it is a game of 8 decks, the scenario will be different. There are 415 cards, and 128 cards have a value of 10. The probability, in this case, is 30.84%.

Thus, these are some important facts about blackjack. Learn more about them and play the game.

Abraxas Kane
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