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Why anime is more popular now than ever

Anime is definitely going somewhere given the way it is increasingly becoming more popular in the world, particularly in the United States. In the Western world, anime remained to be a very rare genre that was only sought after by die-hard fans of this genre. Getting to see anime back in those days involved a lot of work because they weren’t anywhere and you had to hunt down rare, imported, VHS tapes just to watch an anime video. However, with expansion of licensing, anime reached the shows of the United States and many other countries to become fast-growing genre that many people now enjoy watching.

Whether you are a longtime fan of anime or you are just getting started with this thrilling genre of animation, you must have some questions that you need answered. I will therefore discuss a few points about this genre so that you get to understand it better for the next time you catch a series or episode.

What is anime?

There is a great number of people who watch anime without knowing what it is or that what they are watching is actually anime. Well, you are not making any mistake by not knowing what anime is because to be honest the definition is not openly out there. The word anime refers to animation in the Japanese language. I know that you may be tempted to think that anime is some kind of abbreviation for animation, but that is not the case. Anime which in the Japanese language is アニメ means animated cartoon and is pronounced as anime in English. Thus, the two are very different. If you were a Japanese, then any cartoon regardless of its origin, producers, or content, is anime. If you are not from japan however, the word anime is used to refer to animation that is made exclusively in Japan. Funny, huh! Trust me, I know.

Anime in western cultures

In western cultures, anime falls under a niche form of entertainment, especially for adults. It is classified under other fandoms and abandoned to the wayside of mainstream entertainment. The same story is however not true in Japan where anime is accepted culturally and considered as a basic kind of entertainment for adults. Anime is produced with different types of content to suit different audiences. You can also find different genres within anime such as comedy, horror, historical fiction, action, drama, and action just to mention a few.

There is however an increasing acceptance of anime in western countries where it is slowly leaking into mainstream entertainment. However, that hasn’t happened fully, but anime has a very bright future in the west.

Should you therefore pursue anime as a career

If you are an animator in other genres and are thinking of making a shift into anime, then I strongly encourage you to do so because there are endless opportunities in anime. This is a new genre that many people in the west haven’t ventured into. That means that if you venture into it, you will reap big before competition sets in.

You can stream nonton anime and reap big.

Abraxas Kane
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