Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

If you’re looking for the best first birthday gifts, look no further!

A first birthday is one of the most special celebrations during childhood, and with the gifts we’ve handpicked for the occasion, you can’t go wrong.

We’ve got something to suit every budget, taste, and interest to ensure that you find something the little person in your life will love. The important thing to remember is that young children outgrow things so quickly – which is exactly why we’ve chosen items that can grow with the child for at least a couple of years.

Read on for 7 of the very best first birthday gift ideas.

  • Alphabet cards

It’s never too early to start introducing little ones to the world of language and letters. Alphabet flashcards are an interesting way for babies to start discovering what sounds look like.

These particular flashcards are perfect for early learning. They’re simple and feature an image to go with each letter – A for Apple, Z for Zebra. As well as learning the alphabet, this can be great for building vocabulary.

  • Personalized soft toy

Because who doesn’t need a personalized knitted dragon in their lives?

Personalized toys are great because they’ll hold a special place in every child’s heart for their entire lives. As well as providing the one-year-old in your life with a new best friend, this toy is elegant and small in size – making it perfect for any nursery.

  • Musical instrument

Introduce the one-year-old in your life to the beauty of making music with this wooden piano by Baby Einstein.

This wooden piano features touch-sensitive surfaces – meaning that there are no awkward keys to clean or fill with crumbs! It’s small enough to fit nicely in any room and comes with a selection of pre-recorded songs that babies can play along to whilst also having the option to create their own masterpieces.

  • Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalks encourage lots of time outdoors as well as creating very little mess! Simply wait for the rain and the drawings will wash away.

This multipack of sidewalk chalks by Crayola is perfect for one-year-olds – the chalks are large enough for little hands to easily hold onto. A gift that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

  • Stacking rainbow

Often spotted in Montessori and Waldorf schools, stacking rainbows might just be the most popular gift of the decade.

The arcs can be arranged to balance and stack upon one another in various ways – they provide children with a fun way to start learning about balance and gravity. And being multicolored, this toy is also a wonderful way to learn about the colors of the rainbow!

Even if the little one is a bit too little to stack, they’ll love to watch you create architectural masterpieces that they can knock down.

  • Shape sorter

Shape sorters are a great way for children to start recognizing different shapes and colors whilst also promoting the development of motor skills.

The best thing about this shape sorter? It’s made from 100% recycled milk jugs!

  • Books

Though the birthday boy or girl won’t be able to read yet, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be surrounded by books. In fact, reading to infants is one of the best ways to encourage the development of vocabulary and sounds as well as a strong bond with their parents or caregiver.

Lion Story books can be personalized so that the main character looks just like the reader! A personalized book is a wonderful keepsake that children will be able to enjoy from infancy and beyond. Watch as they learn to read a story all about them!

  • Bath toys

Babies love baths. And if they don’t, bath toys will provide an even more useful tool to encourage fun at bath time!

Bath toys include bath crayons, funnels, and waterproof books that can lead to hours of fun in the tub. They’re also a wonderful way to get siblings interacting with one another at bath time.

  • A bathrobe

There’s little that’s more stylish than a personalized bathrobe with ears – if only they made them in adult sizes…

Bathrobes are always always useful – from getting dry after bathtime to warming up in the winter months, this gift will become a wardrobe staple for those lazy days at home.

If you want this gift to grow with the birthday girl or boy, simply buy a size or two larger!

So there you have it, 9 gifts for one-year-olds!

Which one will make it to the birthday celebration?

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