Why do men prefer lingerie waitresses?

There is probably no better way to get a smile on a man’s face than to invite him to a club. An almost topless female body that twists around or serves cocktails, or does both, attracts guys like a magnet. It is no secret that it’s men’s weakness. They remain fascinated and curious about what comes after some light movements and clothes flying all over the place with every minute that passes. These things have become such a trend that you can find them almost everywhere and on many occasions. Here you can see why men prefer lingerie waitresses:

Men are attracted to female self-confidence.

A good striptease can only be performed by a woman who feels comfortable in her skin and who’s not afraid to show it to the world. A confident woman like a lingerie waitress who knows her charm, even though she may not have the perfect figure or skin.

Men need attention

Though many women would need to oppose it, men adore attention. They crave attention just as much as women long for tenderness. And when this is lacking in a relationship, they feel threatened and quickly seek this attention elsewhere. Even though it digs a big hole in their pocket, these men don’t mind because that one night of undivided attention from a lingerie waitress boosts their egos to unbelievable levels. Women should not feel it is their fault that men are into some nude strip club because there is something there they are not doing. After all, this is on men. Besides, no one is perfect.

No Guilt

Most men prefer to go to strip clubs. Strippers are performers, and their primary job is to make these men feel like heroes. Some men spend a cost to strip clubs and have a stripper get naked for them. At the same time, he was dry-humping them in the champagne room in an adult strip club just because there was no guilt afterwards. These men believe as long as they have not cheated since there is no penetration involved, then there isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t do it two other times in a month.

It makes their fantasies come true.

Men generally live an unconditional secret romance and fantasise about gorgeous women, seeing them as the epitome of successful dating. Although most men accept that they don’t have a Barbie-like partner, they can still dream. Seeing women of equivalent beauty who are entirely or partially nude and seemingly vulnerable allows them to get closer to their fantasies. Going to striptease bars or similar places with a bunch of hot girls is like a live version of the sexual escapades that they dream of at night, and the idea of making contact with one of those women pierces their minds and leads them to the top of their imagination.

Private Dances

One of the most exciting aspects of gentlemen’s clubs is the private dances many of them offer. It gives you intimate one-on-one time with your favourite woman in the club.

Final Thoughts 

Thus with the above points, you can know why men prefer lingerie waitresses to attend the club. These are the reasons that men used to participate in the club, and also they want more. Eventually, the waitress makes men feel like they live in a world of fantasies.

Abraxas Kane
the authorAbraxas Kane