4 Reasons for the Vinyl Resurgence

Why is everyone talking about vinyl again? Music stores in Melbourne are stocking it like nobody’s business. There are all kinds of genres available on vinyl, and all kinds of eras – even the recent stuff! So what’s caused this resurgence? A few reasons include the better sound quality, a feeling of nostalgia, the variety of new aND second hand options available, and the rise of the hipster. Read on to find out more.

Better Sound Quality

There has long been a debate about the sound quality of analogue versus digital. But with music typically being squeezed out of digital devices, you might be pleasantly surprised when you put on a vinyl record for the first time, as it really does sound better. In some instances, newer, faster and more portable music players – i.e. phones, tablets and laptops – do not result in the best sound quality, and sometimes they have caps on the volumes you can achieve. But with a record player and external speakers, you can have your music up as loud as you want it. Many vinyl releases have also been remastered in recent times, which further adds to the sound quality. When you want to benefit from better sound quality, head on down to your local second hand music shop in Melbourne.


People can greatly value the things that are of yesteryear due to nostalgia. This can also be because vinyl records aren’t as easy to get a hold of as simply clicking on a song online. The idea that these things known as vinyl records are somewhat rare, old-fashioned, retro and a little unusual is what drives people to second hand record stores. Perhaps you have memories attached to buying a certain vinyl record, or of listening to it with a partner or close friend. No matter what you feel about vinyl, a good part of it is bound to be nostalgia.

New and Second Hand Options

When it comes to music stores in Melbourne, locals are spoilt for choice, with a range of vendors in the city happy to help you find whatever vinyl it is that you’re hunting for. The second hand route is the way to go for the die-hard music fan who loves rummaging through music stores. Ask the storekeeper what’s new and they’ll be able to rattle off a chain of local and international bands that are putting out their music in vinyl. Or choose from old favourites that you just hadn’t had a chance to locate before so you can add them to your collection.

The Emergence of the Hipster

In recent years, the soy chai latte drinking, man-bun wearing, moustache twirling hipster has emerged. But this isn’t to forget the mary-jane wearing, indie-band loving female version of the same. These guys love their music, and the more retro or less known, the better. And if it’s on vinyl? Even better. It’s no coincidence that the rise of vinyl has coincided with the rise of the hipster.

Abraxas Kane
the authorAbraxas Kane