5 most unusual instruments

We all have heard of guitar lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons and all sorts of music lessons for different instrument. But there are instruments in this world which are so unique that I am pretty sure you haven’t even heard of them.

So, let us look at some instruments which will leave you awestruck with their unique features.

  • Balalaika

It is a stringed musical instrument which originated in Russia. It has a triangular body and is strung using the three strings. It can be played with fingers or with leather plectrums. It comes in several variations like alto balalaika, prima balalaika and many more. The instrument also has leg extensions for the comfort of the player.

  • Singing ringing tree

It is as strange as its name. It is a wind powered instrument that resembles a tree and creates melodious sounds which are truly an ear candy. The sound it creates is has a really calming effect on our brains. It originated in Lancashire, England. It is three-metre in height, so it’s pretty massive in size, and is made of galvanized steel pipes. It harnesses wind energy which produces a range of choral sounds produced in several octaves. The structure of this instrumentis made of specifically cut pipes that create music and few other pipes which holds and supports the instrument along with serving as a great visual to the eyes.

  • Cajon

The Cajon wasfirst made in Peru by the Africans. The structure of the instrument is pretty simple, it is a six-sided wooden box with a hole on one side and other sides are made using thin plywood. It is a percussion instrument. Generally, the players sit on the Cajon to play it.  It is played using brushes, mallets, sticks, fingers or even bare hands. It is still commonly used in African and South American music. The instrument isn’t widely known yet but it is gaining attention with the passing years.

  • Jaw Harp

It is also known as GewGew in Europe. Jaw Harp is a small instrument made from metal or bamboo which has a flexible tongue that sits inside the instrument and creates vibrations. These vibrations are heard when you play the Jaw Harp. It is played by placing the instrument in the mouth and plucking the device’s tongue to produce vibrations. The pitch of the sound can be altered by moving the tongue and the lips while the instrument is vibrating.

  • Hydraulophone

It is one of strangest and the rarest musical instrument in the whole wide world. It is a sensory device which is designed especially for those who have low vision. This tonal acoustic instrument is played by direct contact with either water or by some other fluids. This instrument creates music which goes well with almost all music genres. It is becoming famous in Asia and is truly a magnificent instrument to play.

These were some most exotic and strange instruments from across the world. You can take piano lessons or guitar lessons or some other commonly known music lessons whenever you want, but if you want to do something really unique then you should definitely go for music lessons for these instruments. Some of these can be a great addition to your music repertoire.

Abraxas Kane
the authorAbraxas Kane