What Are Paint & Sip Parties in Denver

Have you heard about sip and paint parties? They have become popular in the last 10 years. Sip and paint parties are a good way to enjoy the company of friends, drink a little wine, and paint.

These events are a lot of fun and relaxing, which is why so many people want to host their own events. Whether you are doing a paint and sip Denver or somewhere else, these parties are a blast!

Keep reading to learn what you need for these parties and other tips.

First, you need to have a place with enough space to hold five or 10 people. Each painter should have about two feet of space, so cramming 8 people around your kitchen table won’t cut it.

Next, you need to have enough lighting. If you are holding your party after sundown, consider the lighting of your space. It is difficult to paint without enough light, especially for older people.

When you are planning the decorations for your party, have enough inexpensive tablecloths to cover your work space. They will be attractive with your party decor, but also will protect your tables from harm.

You also need to have a nice selection of food. Nothing brings friends together like good food. Finger foods are a good idea, especially crackers or cookies that can be eaten with one hand while painting with the other.

Of course, no sip and paint party is complete without drinks! If you are going to have wine, plan on having three or four bottles for a group of 10. Have a rose, dry red, and dry white available, at minimum. Some people may prefer beer or non-alcoholic drinks, so have lemonade or sodas available.

To get your guests to your event, you need to have party invitations. You can do old-fashioned invitation letters or do an e-invite on email or social media. Some people like to set up a Facebook page and announce the event to their friends.

As far as painting goes, the supplies below are what you need. You can buy painting kits at craft stores or you can buy the items individually.

  • 9×12 canvas for each guest.
  • Three paintbrushes – one fine, medium and a larger flat brush
  • Pallete paper to mix paint
  • Plastic cups for washing brushes
  • Acrylic paint: Good choices are blue, white and black
  • Masking tape to secure tablecloths

Now that you know everything you need for your sip and paint party, you should be ready to have a lot of fun!

Abraxas Kane
the authorAbraxas Kane