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Why You Should Care About Event Branding

Tri-state area businesses that want to grow brand visibility often invest in event marketing either as participants, attendees, or sponsors. Events can take place in-person or virtually and are a great way to get eyes on products or services. A skilled corporate event planner in NYC can help make it all come together smoothly, empowering companies to meet their marketing goals. Take a look at some of the benefits of investing in event branding.

Low Stress in Choosing the Perfect Event

Corporate event planners in NYC help their clients choose the type of experiential event they want to participate in, attend, or sponsor. Marketing decision-makers will find a number of options to consider including:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows/expos
  • Pop-up shops
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Launch parties/celebrations
  • Networking sessions
  • VIP experiences
  • And much more

Experienced NYC corporate event planners can customize events to easily assimilate into any marketing strategy. Thanks to technology, flexibility is also an option, since event planning specialists are adept at planning virtual events too.

Help Companies Connect With Audiences

Connecting with customers is a vital component of doing business. Companies that are out of reach with their audiences will find themselves quickly losing out to competitors. Also to consider, Millennials and Gen Z have the most influence in buyer decisions – millennials have the purchasing power, while Gen Z is quickly taking the reins for setting trends and lifestyle choices, according to Business Insider. Traditional one-way communications efforts don’t cut it as well with these groups as they did with previous generations.

An experiential event offers the perfect opportunity for premium one-on-one customer engagement, creating the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. This is where corporate event planners NYC can step in – they’ll help their business clients humanize their brands and give their clients’ customers exactly what they want, making marketing initiatives more personalized.

Help Generate More Business

Many companies opt to put their marketing dollars towards event marketing because, at the end of the day, these brand events generate new business and boost revenue. Sixty-five percent of marketers report they’ve experienced a direct uptick in sales from their event marketing initiatives. (Not to mention, 90% of millennials and Gen Z indicate they’d rather share photos of an event than clothing or accessories.)

Grow Stronger Brand Awareness

Companies seeking to generate more buzz around their business will find event branding a worthwhile investment. According to Bizzabo, a whopping 95% of marketers attribute reaching their primary business goals to in-person events. Furthermore, 61% of marketers feel events are “the most critical marketing channel”, and 93% feel their events provide valuable opportunities to form in-person relationships in “an increasingly digital world.”

Connecting with the correct target audiences who will share their experiences with family, friends, colleagues, and social media networks is a great strategy for growing brand awareness. Partnering with a corporate event planner, such as New York City-based 23 Layers, who understands the value of these relationships and can cater directly to them makes it practically effortless for businesses.

Abraxas Kane
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