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Types Of Tents For Outdoor Weddings You Should Know

When thinking about wedding decorations or how to decorate tents like large tents for events like wedding, nowadays the dream of many couples is to enjoy all the outdoor space they have available. Here are 3 different types of tents you should know:

  • Transparent

Did you choose a rustic wedding decoration and don’t give up on the natural environment and the interaction with your nature? No problem, you can guarantee comfort in the event of rain or wind and even make the cover go unnoticed with a transparent tent. The structure can be made of wood, follow the same rustic and country style, or metal, but with organic colors such as dark greens or aged brown. Many grooms include a suspended decor and even vines tied to these tents to enhance the effect further.

  • Circus

It is not rare for newlyweds who like to give a playful touch to the day, and, for wedding party decoration, they look for original and irreverent options to give this effect. Circus tents fit this decorative option perfectly. These are tents that give a lighter effect to space, as they are not stretched like the others, a structure with a high point in the center and falling on the sides, reminiscent of circus tents. They are also known as witch’s hats due to this design and their distinctive fit.

  • Boat Sails

For those who want to exchange the short phrases of love and vows with their feet in the sand and want to characterize everything on that day with a nautical theme, from the wedding favor models to the coverage of the space, the sails used for the sailboats can be the alternative ideal. It is possible to rent candles like these, whose material is extremely resistant, and tie them to cover the space they need to be protected. And in style!

  • Color Tents

Some prefer that they go unnoticed, but others may bet on the tents as essential pieces for the composition of the decoration and maybe even combine them with the palette of shades used for the visual identity of the reception. It is essential to know how to integrate them into the space and type of party you want, all in harmony, without overloading the environment and becoming too heavy with your color.

  • With Fabrics

For those who like the look of the tent in space but don’t like the material that protects it from the rain, it is possible to create an image of it in disguise, using fabrics in its interior. The hanging fabrics, together with the light poles, create a magical effect full of movement. It will bring a more natural look and full of harmony.

Abraxas Kane
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