How to Choose the Right Party Entertainer for Any Occasion

Whether you are looking for a clown, magician, or petting zoo vendor to entertain at your child’s birthday party or planning an adult cocktail hour with games and activities to engage guests in the evening, choosing the right party entertainer can be challenging. This blog post will help you find the perfect entertainment for any occasion.

The things to consider

  • Type of entertainment

When considering what kind of entertainer to book, it is important to determine the age group and party theme. For example, a magician will be better than a face painter if the guest list includes a few children or an adult crowd. However, if your event has no specific child-themed requirement, don’t feel limited by choices that are only appropriate for kids – there are plenty of unique ideas suitable for any age. To grab more information about the various types of party entertainers, you may also have a look at emagicalmoment.com.

  • Type of event

If you are planning an outdoor party, choose a clown who can perform magic tricks indoors in case of rain. Also, consider what activities will be available when your entertainer is scheduled to arrive and leave—a petting zoo may make for great entertainment at an afternoon barbecue but not at night, after dark.

Finally, if there is no set end time for the function, look into whether or not it would be possible to book two different performers (one in the early evening and one later on) so that guests won’t miss out if they need to leave before things wrap up.

  • Space and logistics

If you’re planning a large party and don’t want your entertainer to be overwhelmed, consider hiring two or more if their services are available. Also, keep in mind that most performers will require access to electricity – ask whether they need it for the entire performance or just part of it (e.g., only during face painting).

If there is no suitable power outlet nearby where guests can gather around, this may limit what kind of entertainment you book; smaller acts like those involving parlor magic tricks do not necessarily need an electrical supply as long as there is plenty of light from lamps or windows.

  • Price

Not all performers charge the same for their services. To find one that matches your budget, be sure to check out customer reviews and look up videos of each entertainer’s activities online, so you know what you are getting before booking them. Not only will this help ensure they meet your expectations, but it can also prevent disappointments if guests expect something different than what was advertised (e.g., some animal acts do not allow audience members to pet the animals).

  • Services provided

Some party entertainers have specific packages that include more than just the performance itself. These may consist of costumes, props, and even gift bags for kids – ask whether these are included in their price or if you need to pay extra for them. Also, find out what happens during any breaks between performances, so you will know how many acts are scheduled throughout the event (if necessary) and plan accordingly.

Abraxas Kane
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