Top 5 Fun Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained

As winter looms and you find yourself slipping into that stay-at-home mindset, there is no doubt that you will have a lot of free time on weekends and evenings.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, alone time is important. It provides time to take care of your basic needs, such as cleaning up, laundry, and grocery shopping.

However, it may also be entertaining to know more about yourself in unexpected and new ways. So ensure you make the most out of free time with the following ways:

1.      Play Star Wars

Entertainment completely changed after the release of Star Wars. It sparks something special in individuals of all ages, making them yearn to spend hours in a galaxy far away and believe in the Force power.

Its diverse collection ranges from flight simulators to racing games, action-adventure RPGs, and first-person shooters. However, there will always be a unique feel to play as a Jedi regardless of the genre.

Weapons like the Ahsoka Tano lightsaber are amazing for the civilized age. Though it takes more than a weapon to make a Jedi. It also requires the unbending adherence to the Jedi Code and a stronger connection to the Force.

2.      Consider a Scavenger Hunt

For this to work, ensure you have several scavenger hunt sheets beforehand. During downtime, create different hunt sheets for both outdoors and indoors.

When boredom strikes once more, you may have a simple activity to keep you and your family entertained for one hour or so.

A photo scavenger hunt might be more fun if you own a digital camera or electronic device with a good camera. All you need is to create a list of things for your kids to find, including:

  • Rocks
  • Butterflies

3.      Host Netflix Viewing Parties

If you and your family or friends have a subscription to Netflix, you may schedule a time to watch movies or shows together.

Netflix Party extension syncs video playback to allow you to pause and play at the same time. Plus, it comes with a group chat feature to keep your conversation going as you watch.

However, everyone at the party must own a Netflix account. So it is not completely free.

4.      Learn a New Language

Remember all the moments you said you wanted to learn French, Italian, or French, but you couldn’t just get time to do so.

With many online tutorials and YouTube videos available, you can use your free time to learn a new language.

Some language learning apps, like Memrise, also launch new features that include hundreds of bite-sized videos native speakers shoot.

5.      Recreate and Learn Dance Routines for TikTok

TikTok producers are the unsung heroes of this global pandemic. Short videos have the uncanny ability to pack a significant amount of entertainment.

Short videos create not only unique collaboration opportunities for producers but also for near and far families stuck at their homes to create great content.

Final Remarks!

With the current pandemic, you might be missing your normal bridge games, book clubs, casual social visits, religious services, and outings with family.

This makes home entertainment while being safe more vital than ever. However, the activities you choose to keep yourself entertained may depend on the amount of energy you have.

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Abraxas Kane
the authorAbraxas Kane